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Name Title E-Mail Address

Superintendent Of Water & Fire District

John Ingram

Supt. Of District jingram@Westburyfd.com
Chiefs Office
George Perrin Chief gperrin@westburyfd.com
Pat Cody 1st Asst. Chief pcody@westburyfd.com
Doug Ingram 2nd Asst. Chief dingram@westburyfd.com
Hook & Ladder Company
Steve Gillespie Captain  sgillespie@westburyfd.com
PJ Webber 1st Lt. pjwebber@westburyfd.com
Dennis Brown 2nd Lt. dbrown@westburyfd.com
Rick Zaino Clerk rzaino@westburyfd.com
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Hose 1
Ken Gass Jr. Captain kgass@westburyfd.com
LaShaun Carr 1st Lt. lcarr@wetburyfd.com
John Ingram Jr. 2nd Lt. jingram@westburyfd.com
Ron Pfeffer Clerk rpfeffer@westburyfd.com
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Hose 2
John Bartunek Captain  jbartunek@westburyfd.com
Rick Rau 1st Lt. rrau@westburyfd.com
Todd Weiss 2nd Lt. tweiss@westburyfd.com
Michael Rice Clerk mrice@westburyfd.com
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Rescue Squad
Rob Caroll Captain rcaroll@westburyfd.com
Fritz Moise 1st Lt.  
Joe Ginobe 2nd Lt.  
Mike Rice Clerk mrice@westburyfd.com
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Tom Durnan Dept. Clerk tdurnan@westburyfd.com
Mike Rice Dept. Corrs. Secy mrice@westburyfd.com
Jon Wicks Dept. Treasurer jwicks@westburyfd.com
Walter Stewart Dept. Instructor
Safety Officer
Robert Price Dept. Instructor rprice@westburyfd.com
Don Rathe / Robert Ibos Web/Computer drathe@westburyfd.com
Ken Hessel Dept. Chaplin khessel@westburyfd.com

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William Olson Commissioner WOlson@westburyfd.com
Ken Jones Commissioner KJones@westburyfd.com
Vinny Abbatiello Commissioner vabbatiello@westburyfd.com

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