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Dates & Times

Drill Date & Time:

Saturday, August 15th 2009 starting at 8:00 AM. Sponsored by the Westbury Fire Department.

Parade Date & Time:

Sunday, August 16th 2009 starting at 1:00 PM. Sponsored by the Hicksville Fire Department.


Drill Location

Brian D. Fahey Training Facility on Weir St. in the Village of Hempstead. Click here for map.

Parade Location

Newbridge Rd. South of Old Country Rd., Hicksville, NY


The Thursday meeting of the annual Board of Governors will be held at the Westbury Fire Department Headquarters. Click here for map.

The Friday meeting of the NYSTDCA will also be held at the Westbury Fire Department Headquarters.

The Westbury Fire Department Headquarters is located at 355 Maple Ave., Westbury NY. Parking is located at the rear of the building, with additional parking fields located to the west of the building, and in the Village of Westbury municipal log on Madison Ave.