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A Centralized Fire Headquarters....

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Left: Construction is well under way on the new fire headquarters on Maple Avenue in 1931

After several public meetings regarding the construction of a new firehouse. The taxpayers in 1929, authorized a bond issue of $90,000 for the erection of a new firehouse on Maple Ave. One that would house the four companies in one location.

The architect who designed the building, Mr. Spaulding, proposed a structure that provided adequate space for the present contingent of apparatus and for future requirements as well. In addition, a spacious auditorium and recreational room for members was also provided. Many other organizations also benefited from the newly constructed firehouse, as many civic groups gathered in the building for their meetings and affairs.

In 1931, the cornerstone for the new house was laid in place and construction began in earnest. The builder E.W. Jackson, with George C. Cocks the electrician, and McKenna Brothers responsible for the plumbing and heating.

The newly constructed building was referred to in March 26, 1937, article in the Westbury Times as "one of the finest buildings of its kind on Long Island..."

Construction on the new headquarters was completed in 1932, and a dedication ceremony was held on March 3, 1932, with all the pomp and circumstance associated with such a momentous occasion.

Right: The project in moving along, the cupola has been installed. The view is from the west side of the firehouse on Maple Avenue.

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 Left: View from rear of the firehouse during construction in 1931


Right: The firehouse nears completion in this photograph taken in early 1932

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Left: Two Westbury firefighters pose for a photograph with Fire Commissioners C.C. Boyd, Robert Renison and Charles J. Schneider. The photo is not dated, but may have been taken on the day of the dedication ceremonies on March 3, 1932.

The timing of the bond issue and construction of the new firehouse were no doubt, a welcome boon to the economy of the area. The country was deep in the Great Depression, and in 1932, twelve-million Americans were unemployed. The problem of unemployment and relief became acute in Nassau County in the 1930's. The country's economy was in transition. Farming was on the decline throughout the County, with more and more of the inhabitants relying on New York City for employment as clerical, industrial and mercantile workers. This group of daily commuters was severely affected by the Depression. It would not be until the late 1930's, that the region's and the country's economy would revive itself - with substantial help from the government, both on the local and federal level.

In 1932, Hook & Ladder Company No. 2 disbanded, with many members of the company joining the ranks of Hose Company No. 2. It is not clear what caused the company to disband.

However, just as the country began to recover from the weight of the Great Depression, there were forces at work in Europe and Asia that would forever change our nation and the world.


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